About us


Founded in 2009, Firefly LED Lighting, Inc. brings numerous innovations to the lighting industry. One of our goals is to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible. We are not just a manufacturer of LED light bulbs; we are innovators who continually find ways to create energy-efficient and sustainable products for commercial applications and residential use.

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With over 28 patents in process, we have created innovative approaches for every component in LED lighting. Firefly continues to find ways to make each of our lights high performance, energy efficient, and reliable. We have a full range of patented “Smart LED” light bulbs for direct replacement of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in your homes and commercial structures.

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The Firefly team is composed of people who excel in their chosen fields and careers. The four pillars of the company are Steve Barcik Amstel, Brad Bailey, Hoobie Daniels, and Tom Mollenkamp.

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Firefly LED Lighting is a company –an expert team – that illuminates the values of hard work, innovation, professionalism, and quality in each of our lighting products. We are excited and fortunate to serve you.

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