Our Innovation

Firefly LED Lighting, headquartered in Austin, Texas, provides a full range of patented “Smart LED” light bulbs for direct replacement of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in homes, commercial buildings, municipal offices, universities, residential properties, and other facilities. Firefly LED lights consume low energy, produce little heat, and are long lasting, allowing customers to reduce energy costs by up to 90 percent and minimize replacement costs. Made in the USA, Firefly LED lamps are the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights on the market.

Firefly LED is the technology leader in the LED lighting space. With LED lighting becoming the most impactful technology in lighting since Thomas Edison first invented the light bulb, Firefly LED Lighting set out to develop the most reliable and the most efficient LED lighting products on the market. This process created the StarFly and SunFly lighting products, which are class leaders in reliability, efficiency, and light output. The StarFly product line is 22 percent to 81 percent more reliable than the big-name brands. The SunFly product line offers the only fully dimmable, fully equivalent 75 to 125 W replacement lamps on the market. These products are like buying a car that gets 232 miles per gallon and lasts 3 million miles.

With the rapid adoption of LED lighting across business and residential markets, owners and managers needed a reliable, efficient, and fully adjustable light source. Firefly is the winner in the selection process for light output, light color, and rapid payback. By building its products in the USA, in Austin, Texas, Firefly assures quality and rapid delivery. Firefly also creates jobs. With hundreds of installations, from Austin favorites Kerbey Lane Café and Alamo Drafthouse to large commercial installations, including office buildings across the USA, Firefly is saving clients millions of dollars. By creating advanced technologies that replicate the look and feel of hundred-year-old lighting and taking them to the digital domain, Firefly is clearly at the forefront of LED technology.

We design and manufacture the best in LED lighting, reducing cost of ownership by up to 93 percent.

Firefly saw that LED lighting could meet both reliability and output parameters in the same package. By creating a fully modular LED lamp, we are able to increase output and heat-sink size or reduce heat-sink size in response to rapid LED technology growth. The same innovative modular design allows the lamps to be changed in beam and color with a simple change of the lens. With over 28 patents in process, we have found innovative approaches for every component in LED lighting. From phosphor to driver circuits, Firefly has developed game-changing technology focused on high performance, high efficiency, and reliability.

Firefly LEDs are designed for high-speed manufacture while most other LED products are hand built in China. Firefly combined new ideas with ideas from the semiconductor industry, electronics industry, and automotive industry to create a process that will use automation to build these lamps efficiently, effectively, and rapidly in the USA. Instead of subtractive machining or expensive casting, Firefly uses a patent-pending layer-cake heat-sink design. This creates the best possible thermal performance with minimal machining and the lowest possible environmental impact. This design also dramatically lowers the cost of goods while increasing quality and product lifetime.

Firefly’s unique patent-pending driver technology outperforms all other drivers on the market. With efficiency and total product cost as parameters, Firefly LED developed a multistage, analog, digital, fully dimmable power circuit with efficiencies in the high 90s, beating our competition in some cases by as much as 44 percent. This unique driver topology allows dimming from 100 to 1 percent, and allows full shutoff with the broadest possible range of dimmers on the market. You might not know that the dimmers in your business and home never fully shut off. Since LEDs are extremely efficient, they can emit light at these very low currents. This issue has been fully resolved by our driver circuit.

By creatively and innovatively resolving multiple issues in the LED lighting space, Firefly LED Lighting stands as the technology leader.

Firefly LED Lighting has met its goals and objectives in multiple ways. The first objective was maximum reliability. In thousands of lamps, Firefly has only been informed of two field failures and no returns. At the same time, our competition is experiencing 11 percent to 88 percent failure rate in the field. Firefly’s high level of reliability gives customers the confidence that the product will meet lifetime expectations and their needs.

The second objective was to supply an LED light that was both adjustable and met the requirements of lighting designers for complex and intricate design opportunities. Firefly LED Lighting, with its interchangeable lens design, is capable of meeting these goals. This unique design has been utilized in multiple projects.

The third objective was to produce highly efficient, high-performance LED lighting. This has been achieved. Firefly LED Lighting produced to date will save 262 MWH of electricity and will eliminate 8 million lamp changes. That will prevent a lot of climbing up and down ladders for maintenance crews!

The fourth objective was to create a low-cost, highly efficient driver circuit with the dimming function across a broad range of product dimmers and with a smooth, wide dimming range. While this is a feature taken for granted with incandescent lighting, this truly is a huge challenge for the LED industry. Firefly expects to be able to license this technology across numerous manufacturers and throughout the industry.

Firefly LED Lighting technology surpasses current solutions by having up to 78 percent more light output in the same package with up to 82 times longer lifetime. One of our achievements is producing a feature-for-feature 75 W to 125 W, PAR replacement lamp. By comparing specifications, datasheets, and product literature, Firefly has been shown to outperform all other products on the market. Furthermore, being pragmatic entrepreneurs and engineers, we have numbers, test data, and experiments to back up our product claims. When you hear a lamp lasts 82,500 hours, you want to have Firefly heat-sink technology and driver technology in that lamp.

With a broad range of products on the market, it is clear that customers have a choice. When those customers choose based on design and performance, they choose Firefly LED Lighting.