Case Studies

Firefly LED Lighting’s extensive track record with a broad range of customers across all uses and markets is proof of value and sustainability. With hundreds of clients served and many thousands of lamps installed proves our technology, quality, and reliability are superior to all others. In head-to-head reviews and competitions, Firefly LEDs surpass all others in reliability and performance. Firefly has been selected by numerous customers to replace existing LED products from the top manufacturers.  Firefly has replaced numerous other lighting products including LED PAR 38s by Cree and others.

We invite you to read the following case studies of actual installations of Firefly LED lighting products.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Slaughter Lane:Innovative and Imaginative
Kerby Lane Cafe: Ahead of the Curve

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Slaughter Lane

5701 W. Slaughter Lane
Austin, Texas 78749

Innovative and Imaginative

Innovative and imaginative, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has been named “the best theater in America” by Entertainment Weekly. According to the Web site of this acclaimed cinema-eatery, “The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has built a reputation as a movie lover’s oasis, not only by combining food and dining service with the movie-going experience but also introducing unique programming and high-profile, star-studded events.” The entertainment group, headquartered in Austin, has numerous theaters in Texas and is expanding its brand to several other locations throughout the United States.

Project Description

The Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane theater opened in Austin in March of 2012, and Firefly LED Lighting played an important role in the lighting of this new facility. “Alamo Drafthouse was building this new theater in Austin with some dramatic artwork, a movie-themed set of sculptures,” explained Project Manager Daniel Osborne. Firefly LED Lighting provided dimmable LED fixtures in track lighting to highlight the artwork around the lobby.

Why Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chose Firefly LED Lighting
“Firefly LED Lighting came highly recommended from designers and architects involved in the project,” said Osborne. “We are pleased with the lighting and services they provided.”
The architect, Richard Weiss of Weiss Architecture Inc., added, “I would say that one big advantage of using these LED lights is that our ceilings are so tall. Knowing that we don’t have to change a light bulb for 40,000 hours, which equates to about 12 years, is a big advantage. Reduction in heat load is another big advantage.”


Aesthetics and Cost Savings
“The lighting is about 45 feet in the air,” explained Steve Barcik, CEO of Firefly LED Lighting. “We wanted to provide our ‘mission critical lighting’ to ensure that they would not have to change lights for a long, long time.” He explained, “These lights work great with the environment and provide bright highlights for the artwork, helping to create the aesthetics that Alamo wanted.” The pleasant lighting should also provide significant energy cost savings resulting in a good return on investment.

Barcik added, “It has been exciting for us to work with such an innovative, creative group of people and to be part of their expanding network of theaters!”

Kerbey Lane Cafe

3003 S. Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78704

Ahead of the Curve
Socially-conscious and involved in the community, Kerbey Lane Cafe enjoys five locations in Austin, Texas, each serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When Kerbey Lane Cafe owners relocated one of their restaurants early in 2012, Firefly LED Lighting quickly became an important part of their energy strategy. “We recognized that the world is trending to more energy-efficient lighting,” explained Mason Ayer, director of operations of Kerbey Lane Cafe. “We wanted to be ahead of the curve.”

Project Description
Planning for the restaurant’s relocation began in July of 2011, with build-out beginning in October and lighting scheduled for completion the following January.

Ayer’s group initially contacted Firefly LED Lighting with a lighting design already prepared by the café’s architect, Weiss Architects. Firefly staff made suggestions on what color temperature might work best in the restaurant’s setting, and ultimately Kerbey Lane purchased LED lights for 75 to 80 percent of the café’s lighting needs. Most of the LEDs were installed in the dining area. Diffusers were attached to the lights to create a bright and cheerful setting with a natural look and feel.

“Steve and his team were really great to work with,” said Ayer. “They bent over backwards to do what we asked. We gave them a pretty tight deadline, and they met it.” In describing the effects of the lighting, Ayer added, “If you didn’t know they were LED lights, you wouldn’t be aware of it. The look and feel is great!”

Why Kerbey Lane Cafe chose Firefly LED Lighting
According to Ayer, “We are guided by two important principles – sustainability and localism. Sustainability has always been important to us. We recycle. We source from local farmers. We try to buy as much as possible from local suppliers. We saw Firefly as a good way to achieve these goals as they relate to lighting.”

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings
Although there is no baseline data for the lighting costs of the new Kerbey Lane Cafe location, Firefly LED Lighting estimates that by using LED instead of traditional incandescent lighting, the restaurant probably reduces its lighting bill by approximately 86 percent each month. “We estimate that they are reducing their total lighting costs by about 93 percent, due to the longevity of the lamps,” explained Steve Barcik, CEO of Firefly LED Lighting. He added, “It will be a long time before they need to purchase and install new lamps.” The Firefly LEDs also allow the restaurant to avoid the mercury hazards of compact fluorescent bulbs.

According to Barcik, “The Firefly lamp design complements the café’s interior. The restaurant is gorgeous!” He concluded, “A great innovative firm like Kerbey Lane is a perfect partner for a local, Texas-based manufacturer of USA-made lighting products. We are thrilled to be able to work with them. Kerbey Lane Cafe is an iconic local company. And they have great pancakes!”