Payback models allow engineers, managers, and owners to determine the rate and length of time at which a project will pay for itself in savings. The payback model requires certain inputs, including your cost of energy, labor costs, lamp costs, and disposal costs.

Firefly LED Lighting can produce payback periods from one month to 18 months, depending on these variables. Please contact us so that we might run a commercial payback model for your property. We can do this without a complete lighting audit; however, a complete off-lighting audit will provide additional details and improve the accuracy of your payback model.

Rebates can dramatically improve the payback period. Additionally, adding LED lighting during a retrofit project will further improve payback as installation labor is already rolled into the construction project.

Let us help you develop a payback model for your specific application that will allow you to determine whether to move forward with the project. LED lighting can dramatically lower your costs for energy, air-conditioning, and lamps, as well as lowering the cost of labor needed to maintain your lighting systems.