Outdoor Lighting

Firefly has a wide range of innovative lights bulbs for commercial application. Various business establishments use our LED lights and are now experiencing brighter and better lighting. Using Firefly LED lights is the wisest choice for companies who want to save millions of dollars.

Firefly LED has different types of lighting products to suit your commercial needs. Our lamps and fixtures are designed with businesses like yours in mind. Even better, our LED lights are upgradeable so you get the newest technology in lighting whenever available. Find out more about Firefly LED lights here.

Firelfly LED lights are designed intentionally to be long-lasting. It is one of the best solutions to meet beam spread, color temperature, and return on investment requirements. Your clients, your employees, and your staff will appreciate Firefly LED lighting for its environmental impact, low heat output, and light distribution. Find out how it can benefit hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, government structures, gardens and retail environments at this page.

Not sure if Firefly LED lighting is worth the switch? You don’t have to second guess. Our analysts can provide you with payback models that allow business owners and engineers to determine the rate and length of time at which project will pay for itself in savings. Know how we can help you create a payback model for your business at this link.

Firefly has a long list of satisfied customers who are using our LED lights in various commercial applications. It has been the top choice for renowned companies all over the US and surpassed expectations like no other. Take a look at our track record and check our list of of clients.

Firefly LED Lighting is rapidly catching on. Distributors and representatives all throughout the United States are recognizing our product as a great solution for giving the customer what they are looking for in LED lighting. Go to our directory of distributors and reps.

Firefly LED lighting offer solutions to your lighting problems. You can select which fits your needs from our Starfly Product Line including PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38. Know more about the specifications of Firefly products and download our spec sheet.