Your home deserves the best in lighting. Firefly LED Lighting has a wide range of products suitable for residential use so that you can save big today and experience the difference of LED lights.  Our products will save you on energy consumption, reduce heat, and reduce waste all while making a positive impact on the environment.

Firefly LED lighting brings huge savings to commercial applications while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. Imagine what it can do for your home. Firefly’s residential LED lights can add mood and ambiance to your kitchen, living room and bedrooms. They are great for lamps and  cabinets that can give a typical family of four $500 worth of savings in just a span of a year. Learn how you too can take advantage of Firefly LED lights for your home at this page.

Is switching to LED Lighting worth the investment? Our payback plan can help you see how you can save with Firefly LED Lighting and how optimal installation can help you get your return on investment much faster. Learn more.

More and more people are installing Firefly LED lights in their homes and save hundreds of dollars every month. Not only are Firefly LED lights energy-efficient, but they can last as long as 40 years in a home setting. You will never have to worry about changing bulbs again. Do you want to be part of our residential case study? Please go here.

Our residential product line is made available through a variety of channels including, retail, distributors and reps all over the United States.  See our directory page.

Know more about Firefly LED lights and why it is a sound choice for lighting your homes. We can also help you select the correct bulb for your specific needs. Do the right switch today. Download our residential spec sheet.