In your kitchen, you need bright, even, and dramatic lighting. It helps with cooking, cleaning, safety, and, most of all, beautiful appearance for that most important room in your home. Customers with Firefly LED lighting in their kitchens experience greater light levels, significantly less heat, and a dramatic look and appearance.


Firefly LED lighting for your halls, great rooms, and entry spaces creates a bright, clean, warm feeling. Often there are certain lights in your home that you never want to replace because they are so high up or difficult to reach. You just don’t ever want to deal with them. For those cases, Firefly LED lighting is the perfect choice. In your home, our LED lighting may last up to 40 years. If you keep your lights on continuously, your lighting lifetimes may extend from 7 to 14 years. Can you imagine never changing a light bulb?

Create the exact look and feel for your home that you have been looking for – from modern to contemporary to traditional lighting. This all plays a key role in how your home looks, feels, and its resale value. To experience the best in LED lighting,  contact us so we can support you in choosing color, size, and brightness for your space.


You can replace old, hot, inefficient light bulbs in your lamps throughout your home. Firefly LED lighting produces a wide range of LED lamps and bulbs. From table lamps and desk lamps to the floor lamps and hanging fixtures, Firefly LED lights provide bright, even, long-lasting light. Contact us so that we can be sure that you get the right light for your application.


Firefly LED lighting is great for cabinets, wine rooms, and other special areas where you need to reduce heat and increase visibility.  Just screw the light into the socket and forget about it.  It will provide you years of enjoyment.