Technology You Control

Our technology leadership begins with people who are leaders in technology. Firefly LED Lighting products can be modified to your specifications. The snap-in-snap-out components allow facility managers to create the perfect configuration for their needs.

Firefly LED lighting is a modular technology that allows you to change beam angle, color temperature, light output, and total intensity. This allows you to get the specific lighting your design requires. You are able to control beam angle from 120° down to 12°.  You are also able to shift colors around the native LED color temperature by up to 700° Kelvin.

If you like, you can change beam angle on the same lamp by simply snapping off one beam angle and exchanging it for different beam angle. This allows you to change beam angles with various uses and displays in your store or home.

Firefly LED Lighting provides seven different native LED white light colors by adding tinted lenses. You are able to shift the color to precisely match the look and feel you desire for your space.

Since Firefly LED Lighting is modular, when new technology comes out, you can simply swap your driver and light engine for newer, more current technology. Firefly LED products can be upgraded at reduced costs.

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